Spanish Language Collection, The Perfect Fit for your Community

The demand for Spanish materials in Public Libraries has increased over the past years, and we have accepted the challenge to offer the right titles for the Hispanic Community.

Libraries have the challenge to find the right books for their patrons. But filling the shelves with Spanish Language titles that you don’t know, doesn’t guarantee the success. Our Publishing house specializes in acquiring the copyright of bestseller titles that will appeal to patrons and circulate.

We know your Hispanic demographic is variable, you have people of different countries of origin and the dialect varies. Our books are written in a simple Spanish, not using regionalism or word that only person of certain country will understand. We work very hard so our books are readable and understood for the majority of Hispanic Speaker in US.

The importance of the right topics

Hispanic have a balance mix between Fiction and Non-Fiction. The general trend in Hispanic nonfiction is toward self-improvement books. Leylha Ahuile of Published Weekly, points out that there is a high demand for self-improvement literature in the Spanish-language book market, including books on “finance, acquiring or improving skills, entrepreneurship, leadership and spirituality”

Founded in 1990 by entrepreneur and bestselling author Dr. Camilo Cruz, Taller del Éxito is a place where people could find the right tools that can help them to succeed, achieve their true potential and get the most out of their lives. 

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